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Opera by the Lake - 19 March 2016

SPONSORS are being sought for a new project to assist local businesses during the off peak tourism season.

Rotary Great Lakes and the Great lakes Creative Network have come together to bring you an evening full of culture by the beautiful Wallis Lake - an Opera Gala to remember with arias and ensembles from the world's most adored operas.
The event will support not-for-profit organisations Riding for Disabled, Sinfonia MNC and The Great Lakes Hospice.
"It is our vision that this will be an annual event which out-of-season tourists and locals will want to attend year in, year out. If the support for this type of event to date is any gauge, I believe we will have a solid platform to develop this cultural event further in the future." Rotary Club President Brian Bruton said.
Tickets are be available online through Great Lakes Tourism and at tourist information centres. Some accommodation providers and restaurants are already booked out by Coach Tour Operators.

RYDA - High School Road Safety Program

RYDA is designed for 16-18 year old students who are approaching that crucial time in their lives where they start to drive independently or are travelling as passengers of novice drivers.

Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) is a not-for-profit organisation which is committed to reducing trauma on our roads through the delivery of industry-leading, evidence-based road safety education programs for high school students.

RSE’s award-winning road safety education program for senior high school students, called RYDA, lies at the heart of a suite of programs that have been developed for young people in years 9 to 12 and forms the platform for new road safety education programs for parents and corporate partners.

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District 9650 Public Speaking Competition

A competition was initiated in the late 1940’s with the intention of upgrading to international standard the art of public speaking and general expression.
All clubs in the District are invited to compete and Youth/Vocational Service Directors normally contact their local participating school or schools, to hold a competition to select candidates for the Club round.
The speakers topic is of their own choice but must relate to at least one of the principles of the “Four Way Test”
Candidates are selected from years 10 or 11 students
The current prize is a trip to New Zealand

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Rotary Clubs across Australia conduct an annual sale of testing kits to determine if a person is at risk of having a bowel cancer. The testing kits are purchased from Rotary Club stands for a nominal charge and the completed tests are returned to local participating pharmacies. The kits are forwarded to a pathology lab and the purchaser is informed by letter of the result and if positive is referred to their doctor for treatment. A positive result does not always prove to be a result of cancer and a negative test is not a guarantee that there is not a cancer but each year a number of poeple are sucessfully diagnosed and treated. The test kits are recommended but not limited to people over 50 years of age. Participating pharmacies and pathology laboratories all donate or provide their services at cost to this not for profit project.

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